Hide your videos

Video files that don't look like video files

Do you care if your video files are noticed by others while they temporary use your computer? Masked videos can only be played with the Masked Video Player. Download videos with video download helper and no one but you will know what video files you have on your computer. With masked video files, even if the file is added to a list it will look like an ordinary system file without any video thumbnail and clicking on the file with normal video players will not work.

Protect your privacy

Anyone could be browsing your computer

Is someone looking over your shoulder?

Are you sharing your computer others?

Do you need help sometimes with your computer and need your privacy intact?

When you play ordinary, unmasked video files, Windows leave traces and add links all over your computer, like recent files, popular files and other places you probably don't know about. This means that when you deletete a video file it does not remove the traces of them being completely.

Easy to use

Supports all common video formats

Masked Video Player is just as easy to use as any other video player. Everything you have downloaded as masked video files to your computer is easily played. Simply double-click the video file or open the masked video file in the player and start playing. The player supports most video formats which makes your perfect player all your videos. By supporting the well-known DirectShow format from Microsoft the Masked Video Player bring support for virtually all video formats.

Keep videos masked on your computer

With the Masked Video Player it is easy to keep all or some of your downloaded videos in masked state. Masked videos are encrypted with the strong encryption called AES-256 bit. Masked Video Player lets you play masked video files without unmasking them. This means the video player uses a live unmasking technique that decrypts only the part of the video that is to be played. The reason is to ensure unmasked files are never written to your harddrive.

For any videos

Masked video player is not just for the video files you download in a masked state. We wish to make life easy as well as safe for you. The player can play any video file, masked as well as non masked, and you dont need to worry about it.

Free to download

The completetly FREE version of Masked Video Player can be Download from here right now. The free edition is only limited by length of video playback. You may play the first five minutes of a masked video file. Playing unmasked video files comes with no such limitations, so feel free to download Masked Video Player today.

How to download masked videos

Video Downoad Helper can download masked video files straight to your computer from most video web sites.

How to mask videos

vidine can be used to mask video files and create catalogs of video files from version 4.