FAQ - Masked video player

What are masked videos?

Masked videos are video files encrypted with an AES-256 algorithm. Masked videos can not be played with a normal video player without first being decrypted.

What are the .bin or and .vdh files?

The .bin file is the actual encrypted video file. The .vdh file is a meta file with the public key. Both files are needed to play a masked video.

How do I download masked videos

The DownloadHelper Mozilla add-in supports download videos from most sites as masked video files.

How do I play a masked video

Open the .vdh file from within the player or doubleclick the .vdh file and set the Masked Video Player as default player for these kind of files.

Is the video unmasked before playing

Masked Video Player decrypts segments of the video as it is playing. The video is never stored unmasked on your computer.

How do I get the deault password back?

The default password is used when there is no other password entered.

How do I enter my purchased key?

Under the help menu there is a Activate option. Here you simply copy the License (Activation key): from the email you have received.

Can you help me decrypt my video file?

No, unfortunately there is no way for us to help you. If we could then it would defeat the purpose of the masking.

I can not play a masked video file?

- Do you have a .bin and matching .vdh file? Both are needed to play the file
- Have you changed the default password? If so, is the correct password set?
- Is the file perhaps corrupt? Does the .bin file have a non 0 size?
- Does your computer have codec issues? Masked Video Player suppport normal direct show playback or direct use of the lav filters. Even if a file is unmasked correctly you need to have codecs for the file format to play the video. - Masked Video Player uses 32 bit direct show codecs, in the preferences you can set if it should use internal codecs or normal directshow.

What are the differences between the Free and Activated version of the player?

The Activated version can play masked video files of any length while the free version has a limit of 5 minutes for masked videos.

Order an activation code from our order page

Do you have a Mac version?

No, there are no plans for a Mac version.

Do you have a Linux version?

No, there are no plans for a Linux version.